Neorj Preview Trailer 2017

Neorj Preview Trailer 2017

Neorj Preview Trailer 2017
Neorj The main hero is Heli - a girl who was in the world of fantasy and should release the good spirits. In this it will help the allied spirit, which always protects it.

Neli has defensive spells of the elements, and the allied spirit has attack spells. Also our girl can call herself to the aid of fighting creatures, for example: a toy bear will turn into a ferocious bear who will fight in close combat.

During the game we will be able to:

1. Use more than 40 spells of different elements, with a combination of which will give us combo magic.
2. Call on your side wild creatures who will help us in melee.
3. Enjoy unique flora and fauna, unique structures, beautiful views and other things of fantasy world.
4. Perform not complicated but exciting tasks, solve puzzles that will only please you.
5. Collect energy elements, being secondary to the game, not required to pass the level.
6. Exchange the collected elements for additional abilities.
7. Observe an interesting level system of locations, allowing you to feel the nonlinearity of the game world.